Hoi An

Hoi An
Hoi An is a small town in central Vietnam, it belongs to Quang Nam province. Hoi An is nestled by Thu Bon river.

Once upon a time the town was famous as Faifoo, a trading port for business people from Japan, China... since 16th century. Hoi An was then very prosperous, a trading hub in South East Asia, the main harbour for trading boats from the Far East.

Today the harbour is no longer existing, however the city architecture remains, the ancient streets are almost intact, the tube houses connect the streets, a street is right on the front of Hoai river, the houses in this streets were made from precious wood, inside the houses pairs of vermilion lacquered and gilded wood panels and horizontal lacquered board are placed...Hoi An is really a live museum, together with My Son sanctuary, it was recognized by Unesco as a World Culture Heritage.

Besides cultural values with diversified architecture, Hoi An embraces a big intangible cultural treasure, people's daily life with customs, traditions, religious activities, folk arts, cultural festivals, traditional villages, local specialities are preserved and upheld...all are making Hoi An an attractive destination for tourists, tours to Hoi An.

There are also many pagodas in Hoi An, they are dedicated to Buddish, Spirits, National heroes...To Hoi An today, tourists cannot but visit the old town, visit The Fukien, Trieu Chau Assembly hall, Lai Vien Kieu (Bridge Pagoda, for Japan), Tan Ky ancient house, Quan Cong Temple, the house Cam Pho, Son Phong, De Vong other handicraft villages, the temple: Guan Yin, pagodas Phuc Lam, Van Duc, Giac Vien; the non-open West and Quang Trung Son Phung Hung old house and thousands of old wooden houses. In total over 1,360 relics and landscapes in Hoi An, a 1270 architectural monuments and art mostly made of wood with the people living in it. To Hoi An, you will also have to learn, enjoy the products of animal skin tofu, rice roll, roll beat, Quang Mee dishes and thoses import from outside such as Luc Tao Xa...cheap tour to Vietnam.